Borghi Medioevali
Where is it
Ripe San Ginesio
Piazza Ripe San Ginesio
Date not available. Past activity
The activity will take place outdoors
Departure from Ripe San Ginesio, sightseeing Rocca Leonina, the Pinacoteca and the streets of the artisans, we will go through Colmurano across Fonti and the walls of Castellane where we will visit the Santissima Annunziata and the museum Contratti Ventura in the Church of Saint Pietro and Saint Paolo. We'll go on from Urbisaglia to Antica Rocca, visiting all the Roman Archaeological area and the Abbadia di Fiastra, moving on to Loro Piceno the town of the Vino Cotto where we will admire Castello Brunforte and the historic city centre. Before we return to Ripe San Ginesio, we'll go through Sant'Angelo in Pontano home of the Patrono and the Church of San Nicola, visiting Belvedere and the remains of the ancient fortress, heading towards San Ginesio, admiring the walls of Castellane, Porta Picena and the Ospedale dei Pellegrini.
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