Ancona Bike Tour
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Piazza Roma
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Tour in the heart of the capital of the Marche to see treasures and beauties that the city only partially shows to the passing visitor or to those who follow the main directions of the city. From the pentagonal Mole Vanvitelliana to the Arch of Trajan in the Porto Antico, the Cathedral suspended between sky and sea, the Cardeto Park overlooking the cliff, the imposing staircase of the Passetto that descends to the sea, the Caves of the fishermen dug into the rock up to to the fortification of the Citadel Park.

Immerse yourself in the life of the city in the historic Mercato delle Erbe, along the docks where the fishing boats are moored, in the shipyard that builds cruise ships among the most prestigious in the world. The panoramic points reveal the uniqueness of the natural environment that surrounds the city: the sun reflecting on the sea at both dawn and dusk, the two seas of the city joined by a long pedestrian street, the elbow shape of the promontory and the succession of hills towards the Monte Conero Park. A healthy, sustainable and fun way to get to know Ankòn, the Doric City.

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