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Pantani, "The Carpegna is enough", Marche Outdoor remembers the champion with "The climb of the Pirate".
Published on 14/2/2019 by Regione Marche - Outdoor Team
Today we want to remember Marco Pantani with his favorite ascent, "The climb of the Pirate". It is precisely on the Carpegna mountain that the champion prepared his victories at the great laps.
This is the mountain of those who know how to love, with roads dear to Marco Pantani. "The pirate" dreamed of it and decided to travel it one, two, three, countless times, becoming its own gym and home. 

Marco Pantani, born in Cesenatico, has discovered to be a great runner on the great climbs of cycling and he used to say "Carpegna is enough". It was enough to start from the sea, and get there, climb on the pedals and listen to each other. Pantani, never tried the climbs of the great tours, confronted them blindly, he had his Carpegna.
Just on this mountain of the Marche Region, Marco Pantani was preparing his victories, 6 km from the town of Carpegna (altitude 750 m above sea level). An average gradient of 10%; With the last two, called the Cippo, more steep, around 12%.

A fierce climb, no quarter given, in which cars can’t go and even the cyclists are very few. A place for solitaires, for people who really want to suffer, who do not want to hide, who takes the life on the chin.
Along the asphalt you can find writings reminiscent of Pantani. Many stretches are immersed in the vegetation of the forest and nothing is heard except the rustling of the trees: then, along the wall of a hairpin bend, appears an inscription "You feel only your breath" and is immediately a strong emotion. 

Thanks Marco, thanks great Pirate.