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MARCHE OUTDOOR discover Le Marche by bike
Published on 11/2/2020 by Regione Marche - Outdoor Team
A project of rebirth in the aftermath of the earthquake, a project which involved upgrading the backroads and creating a network to crisscross Le Marche region which stretches from the sea to the mountains and can be travelled by all kinds of cyclists from beginners to the most experienced athletes.
Our testimonial, world cycling champion Vincenzo Nibali, says it all: “My escape is Le Marche, a paradise for cyclists”.
There are 24 cycle routes and the number is continually rising, and these link up the countless experiences scattered all over the region. They will breathe life into the concept “Marche Rebirth”, brainchild of the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto, which is perfectly in line with his philosophy of the Third Paradise and represents the cultural, economic and social “rebirth” through art of Le Marche region.

This year 2020 will be packed with events, projects and initiatives for Le Marche, which come second in the Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2020 of the ten best destinations in the world and is the only Italian listed.
The spearhead of tourism in Le Marche for 2020 is the Marche Outdoor project inaugurated in 2019 with an exceptional testimonial, world cycling champion Vincenzo Nibali. He is one of just six cyclists in the world – and the second Italian after Felice Gimondi – to have won the Triple Crown, winning each of the Grand Tours, the Vuelta a España 2010, the Giro d'Italia 2013 and the Tour de France 2014. 
With roots in Messina but Le Marche in his heart, we could have no better testimonial than the cyclist who discovered Le Marche with the Italian Grand Tour and has never left it since: “On the same trip you can admire natural beauty and timeless works of art, from Raphael Sanzio to Lorenzo Lotto. The Marche Outdoor loops take a touring cyclist from the sea to the mountains past lakes, gorges, waterfalls, hermitages and caves. There is 180 km of spectacular coastline, breath-taking mountains, country roads winding across the hillside and hundreds of medieval villages perched on the mountainside as well as a range of bike tour itineraries, specialised services and above all, a genuine warm welcome. Le Marche has it all!”. 

The philosophy of Marche Outdoor is to promote a sustainable local economy, with the bicycle seen as a means rather than an end, giving the touring cyclist a chance to enjoy everything the region has to offer. There are 24 cycle itineraries and counting and diversified solutions for all kinds of cyclists over 2000 km, involving 130 municipalities all over Le Marche region. 
Marche Outdoor is an inclusive project designed for those who love to just get on their bike and immerse themselves in nature. It is not just for the pros but is also for amateurs, alone or in groups, who along the way will discover unspoilt landscapes and gems of a historic, cultural and artistic heritage that goes back thousands of years. Itineraries suited to all kinds of cyclists with just a few stages for beginners, longer routes for more experienced athletes, and routes for all tastes, from lovers of road bike to mountain bike, downhill or Gravel. 

It is a networked system made up of themed and georeferenced routes on the one hand and specialised accommodation solutions on the other together with guides and services designed for bike lovers. Through the website www.marcheoutdoor.it and the interactive app for iOs e Android, cyclists can keep up with new routes and activities, get about more easily, creating their own itinerary according to their interests and personal preferences while drawing on a wealth of information about local places of historical, cultural and natural interest. There is also information on the nearest services (such as repair shops, guides, bike rentals…) and a sat nav to help cyclists orient themselves along the route. There is also a Facebook page and an Instagram profile @MarcheOutdoor with constant updates, tips and news.

Within the framework of the cycle tourism project Marche Outdoor promoted by Marche Region, 2020 will see the launch of the 5MILA Marche, a triennial event which involves three types of route and a challenge spread out over the course of three years. A CYCLING CONTEST AND AN INTERNATIONAL EVENT FOR PROFESSIONALS, AMATEURS AND FAMILIES - save the date 5-6-7 JUNE 2020.
With cycling champion Vincenzo Nibali as testimonial of Marche Outdoor, the 5MILA Marche will be something utterly unique in Italy, aiming not only to be a sporting event but to be an all round tourism experience, designed to discover the region pedalling a bike.
5MILA Marche is a competition which has three levels of difficulty, designed as a race for pro athletes or amateurs or simply a pleasant ride for lovers of nature and cycling. All with a rich programme of events for young and old, not to mention opportunities to get together and enjoy the food and wine of the region.