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Marche by bike: the Marche Trail's direct experience!
Published on 29/10/2018 by Regione Marche - Outdoor Team
Today we talk again about Marche Trail and we do it with Davide, one of the participants who wanted to see the Marche region closely and make this experience.
Hello David, tell us about yourself, what you do for living, where you come from and how your passion for the bike was born.
I live in Vimercate province of Monza, I am a physiotherapist and great bike enthusiast. The bike has always been in my life, first as a game, then as a hobby and now part of my work: I manage a growing reality, "The clinic of the cyclist" in which I dissert interesting arguments for cyclists together with other professionals (biomechanical, medical Dietician). Most of my patients are cyclists and ultracyclers of various levels: the passion for this sport helps to understand their dreams. For me the word bike means travel, adventure, exploration: leave home, immerse yourself in the world and get away from the frenzy that characterizes the areas in which I live. By bike you see, look, think, sing, meet people, return to be a traveller: if you see a cyclist stationary you stop to help him, there is sharing, there is understanding, there is humanity.

Marche Trail A new challenge, in its first edition. Tell us... 
From the first comments the route seems to have been undiscounted, with a succession of climbs, observations and views. How was discovering a new territory?
The impact with people was the most beautiful thing: The organizers have created a relaxing atmosphere for all the participants and I immediately realized that everything had been cared for in the smallest detail. 
The first impression of the route is that it has been well studied and carefully planned: there are no trivial passages, the paths chosen were in good condition and easily walkable, the stretches paved all on secondary roads. I was surprised by the "smoothness": not only about the road surfaces but in the sense of the fluidity of the journey. We are talking about a path that led me from the sea shore in the middle of the mountains passing through fields, woods, vineyards, villages and cities of art. Even after many hours in the saddle you never get bored because everything changes continuously and the hunger to see what's next grows bigger! I then had the good fortune to do this trail with 2 excellent companions of travel, Mario and Felipe: we helped eachother, supported and stand united in the face of adversities. All the people I got to know were a fundamental part of this adventure and I will remember them with a smile and a bit of emotion: Michela and Giampaolo at the bnb in Numana, Ivano and Fabrizio, Lelone and its kebabs in Ascoli Piceno and many others. The Marche region are a wild and hard territory but its inhabitants are hospitable, kind and curious. On the second day, when I was seized by a hunger crisis I could no longer continue: I entered a bar in which a magnificent smell of ragù. I asked right away if I could order something to eat. The owner told me that it was closed for lunch but was clearly intrigued to see 3 cyclists in his village with bikes with bags. After I explained what I was doing, he almost apologised he said that he would have prepared something anyway because of her husband and son would have arrived soon: it ended in a table and a lunch of 4 courses explaining what we were doing, the ride and much more about of our lives.

What do you take back with you about this Trail and the Marche?
I bring back many faces, many people who have told me their stories, so much beauty of the views and the villages crossed. I'll be touched by having seen the damage of the earthquake in person and not by a TV, but also dragged by the power of its inhabitants who didn’t give up and welcomed us all with open arms while they are committed to rebuild to return to a normal life. I regret not having had enough time to do the whole route, which due to some minor problems I had to shorten, but this is also part of the trip. 
But mostly I come home knowing that I'll be back here for the next edition.