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Pink in numbers!
Published on 22/11/2018 by Regione Marche - Outdoor Team
Amandola hosts the female bicyclists of Rampirosa 2018. 
"And now the power of the good has retired in the region of the beautiful", we use the phrase of Plato to synthesize the beauty emerged Sunday in Amandola, the ninth Rampirosa organized by the women for the women.  
Not a cycling competition, but something to be together characterized by relationships, wellbeing, adventure and having fun, a manifestation that year after year grows, becoming an annual event not to be missed for those who love the bike, national call for agonist ladies or not.

"A contamination of energy and enthusiasm, a love for mountain biking and for the territory, being together to share a passion and to cultivate new friendships" so describes the creator Nadia Pasqualini confirmed by the success of Rampirosa. 

Nadia, along with other girls from Marche, such as Sara D'Angelo, Daniela Stefanelli, Barbara Genga and Roberta Del Mastro and a large group of volunteers have organized every little detail, studying routes, activities and entertaining surprises for the participants, creating the pinkest cycling event in Italy. 

Amandola, a small medieval town located on the eastern side of the Monti Sibillini National Park, nestled between rugged and wild mountains and valleys drawn by the rivers, was the setting for the event, making it magical. 
In this environment, the women literally conquer the heart of the Marche, with the bike, which is bearer of important messages, of equality, of inclusion, of determination and of respect, developing a contagious phenomenon in all the social classes.
We give you an appointment for the next year, celebrating together the decennial!